Travel Insurance Coverage Scenario GIFs

Baggage Delay

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Canceled Flight

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Lost Phone

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Car Wreck

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Tools: Vyond

Time in Development: 4 hours

My Role: development

Client: WorldKind Design

Case Study

Context: I am an instructional designer for WorldKind Design, a company that specializes in creating learning solutions for college students preparing to study a abroad. These GIFs are part of a course on learning abroad for the Travel Insurance module.

Challenges: College students preparing to study abroad are confused about which scenarios are covered by insurance and which ones are not.

Solution: These GIFs illustrate scenario-based course questions that ask if insurance covers these particular instances.

Thematic Analysis Process Demonstration

Thematic Analysis Step 2 Video

Thematic Analysis Step 3 Video

Tools: Rise 360, Camtasia, Canva, Milanote

Time in Development: 10 hours

My Role: script, voice over, development

Client: Eagle Eye Research Lab (fictional company)

Fictional Case Study

Context: Qualitative data is harder for employees to analyze than quantitative data because of its relationship to numbers and the connections that can be made to those numbers quantitative data offers. Qualitative data requires the researcher to read the data more carefully.

Challenges: The research team is struggling to interpret qualitative data, so they need to understand the steps of thematic analysis, a process to analyze such data. The second step of thematic analysis is to generate initial codes while the third step is to search for themes within the study.

Solution: These 4-5 minute videos demonstrate the process of analyzing keywords from three interviews to generate codes that best describe those keywords with the same or similar meaning within those interviews, then grouping them into themes that categorize a group of codes.