Identifying a Problem for Research

The Initial Research Process

Tools: Google Slides

Time in Development: 2 days

My Role: SME, development

Client: Next Generation Corporation Research Department (fictional company)

Fictional Case Study

Context: The research department is having a staff meeting about having company problems. The topic of this meeting is to identify a company problem, also known as the initial research process.

Challenges: The company aims to deepen all research department employees' understanding of identifying company problems, collecting data, and proposing a solution to the problem.

Solution: This 1-session meeting allows all employees within the research department to understand their roles as researchers, starting at the initial step. This session also allows these employees to think about a problem within the company and hypothesize possible solutions to the problem.

Evaluation: During the next meeting session, employees will present their proposed solutions for a company problem based on two facts they found from their research.