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Journey to Verona Microlearning

Tools: Genially

Time in Development: 2 hours

My Role: graphic design, UX design, development

Client: WorldKind Design

Case Study

Context: I am an instructional designer for WorldKind Design, a company that specializes in creating learning solutions for college students preparing to study a abroad.

Challenges: In a foreign location, college students will need to navigate transportation if they want to explore the city. They will also need to budget for food and drink for these trips.

Solution: This simulation gives a real-world example of someone planning to go see the Arena in Verona. It provides video examples of someone planning transportation and budgeting for the trip.

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Thematic Analysis: Finding Codes and Themes

Tools: Rise 360, Camtasia, Canva

Time in Development: 3 days

My Role: storyboarding, graphic design, script writing, voice over, video editing, course development

Client: Eagle Eye Research Lab (fictional company)

Fictional Case Study

Context: Most of the research staff is used to looking at quantitative data. When they look at a study without numerical values, they are unsure how to analyze that data to solve company problems.

Challenges: The statistics make it easier to analyze, but when the staff sees a study with no numerical values, the are unsure how to look at the data. This results in data and studies being incorrectly interpreted.

Solution: This course takes 18 minutes to complete and is used as a solution for research labs or department. It can also be used as a training assignment for college students who may need to use thematic analysis to conduct their own research. This course is part 1 of 2 on how to utilize the thematic analysis process for qualitative data.

Evaluation: Employees will take a five question quiz that assesses the application of thematic analysis to interpret qualitative research.

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